Team Info

Training Requirements

  • All Saint Xavier swimmers must be at all Saint Xavier practices unless the athlete is training for the United States National Championships. Workout schedules for such athletes will be established on an individual basis in cooperation with the athlete’s outside coach.
  • Any exception to this policy would be based only on circumstances that lead the Saint Xavier coaching staff to deem it appropriate for an athlete to seek training elsewhere.
  • Our top training group is geared toward the long-term development of national level swimmers. Our top group training is distance based for all but a few upper classmen. We are committed to training swimmers based on their long-term goals and not necessarily the short-term goals of a high school season. Working with club and YMCA coaches will remain a priority and we expect our swimmers to continue competing beyond our season.

Any athlete wishing to compete in a final fall championship meet for his club or YMCA team after the start of the high school season must make arrangements with the Saint Xavier coaching staff prior to November 5, 2001. Working out with that team during November may be acceptable if the athlete so chooses. Regardless of training venue, we will honor an athlete’s wish to compete in a non-high school meet up through the first weekend of December. High school competition also begins on the first weekend of December. The Saint Xavier coaching staff and stream smart s4 tv box staff would like to have the whole team together as soon as possible.

Attendance Policies

  • All practices are required. The only exception is for non-varsity freshmen who are excused from AM practice on school days. Practice attendance must otherwise be 100% to be eligible to compete in meets.
  • Absence due to illness is excused, but the athlete will not compete in the week’s meets
  • If an athlete is in school but is too sick to practice, he must check with his coaches before dismissal or have a parent leave a voice message at 761-7600 voice box #362.
  • Absence due to conflicts with other school activities (including homework) must be made up.
  • If an athlete is involved in year-round extracurricular activities that take the athlete away from an occasional practice (Big Buddies, CAP, Quiz Team, Band) he must make arrangements with his coach to make up his swimming commitment.
  • If seasonal extracurricular activities (such as TX) take an athlete away from all practices, the swimmer may not be able to join the team at all. He will definitely be ineligible to compete in championship meets (GCL, sectional), and he will not be eligible for a varsity letter.
  • Missing practice due to family vacations will also make the athlete ineligible for championship meets and a varsity letter unless the athlete is able to make up all missed practices.
  • Tardiness will not be tolerated.
  • Injuries may limit an athlete’s ability to swim, but alternatives may be worked out if the athlete wishes to stay on the team.
  • It is difficult to make up missed practices. If an athlete wishes to compete, then he must attend practice. IF THE ATHLETE CANNOT ATTEND PRACTICE, THEN THE ATHLETE CANNOT BE ON THE TEAM.

Sectional Lineup

  • Only a swimmer’s post Christmas high school times will be used for comparisons in determining the sectional lineup.
  • An athlete must meet all workout requirements to be considered.
  • If an athlete has posted a time that clearly puts him in the top four among available competitors for any event, then that athlete is guaranteed a spot somewhere in the lineup.
  • The actual lineup will be based on maximizing our ability to score points at the State championships.
  • In events where two or more athletes are close for the final spot in the lineup, the coaches will decide who will swim in that event. The decision will be based primarily on the athletes’ practice performances, but seniority and leadership in the program will also have a bearing. A head-to-head swim-off would be used only as a last resort.
  • The roster for the sectional lineup must be determined by mid-January, but the final lineup is not due until February 4, 2000.
  • Relays may be changed at each meet all the way up through the state finals.

GCL Lineup

  • Spots typically go to non-sectional swimmers (the next four fastest available in each event), but there are reasons why a sectional swimmer would also swim in GCL’s.
  • Determining the line-up is done the same way the sectional lineup is done, but we hope to maximize the number of swimmers we involve without hurting our chances to maximize our scoring potential.

Varsity Letters

  • A swimmer must meet all training requirements including those passed down from the athletic department.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the school rules concerning behavior and substance abuse.
  • A swimmer must achieve a time equal to or better than a top six GCL finish.
  • The season does not end for anyone until after the team banquet is held. This is important in matters concerning in-season rules.